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Can we visit without booking a stay?

We're only open to staying guests. To respect the privacy of our staying guests, we do not allow walk-ins. If you wish to see more of our grounds before booking, please check this website’s Photo Gallery as well as our Airbnb and Instagram photos.

What time is check in/check out?

Check-in is from 2 pm

Check-out time is by 11 am

What is your cancelation policy*?

Cancelations made 7 days or more before the check-in date will incur a cancelation charge of RM400.

Cancelations made less than 7 days to check-in date but more than 48 hours to check-in time are subjected to a cancelation charge of 50% of the total booking rate.

Cancelations made 48 hours or less to check-in and no-shows will be charged the entire booking amount.

Any cancelation request shall to be made via WhatsApp (+60175997665) only by the individual who made the booking.

*Cancelation policy applies to direct bookings only. 

Can I change my date/postpone my stay?

If change of date request is made 14 days or more to check-in date, guests can postpone their stay at no additional cost. If change of date request is made less than 14 days to check-in date, guests may postpone their stay at an additional fee of RM200. Change of date request less than 7 days before check-in date is not possible. Any request for change of date shall to be made via WhatsApp (+6017 599 7665) by the individual who made the booking. The new date shall be no later than 6 months from original date, subject to availability.

Where will we be staying?

Your accommodation will be Rumah Tebing, a unique lodge situated next to a cascading stream. The lodge is self-catering, which means:

  • You’ll be left to mind after yourselves once you’ve checked in,

  • Other than complimentary breakfast of nasi lemak bungkus, you’ll need to prepare your own meals using the lodge’s kitchen and BBQ facilities, and

  • There’s no housekeeping service during your stay period, though our caretaker will be around should you need any assistance.


How many cabins are there?

Rumah Tebing for 8 pax,  two Pods (2 pax each) and Bilik Tigaguna (4 pax ) are currently the accommodation here. All these are in one area to cater for 1 group only, as we wish to maintain the serenity and exclusivity of our three-acre grounds.

We may just add one more lodge in future. Watch this space!


How many rooms?

Rumah Tebing is open concept and has no bedrooms. It comfortably sleeps eight (8) people on three queen-sized beds in the loft and a similar-sized wallbed downstairs. A shower and washroom adjoins the living area, with 4 more washroom facilities located outside.


How many guests can you accommodate?   

We can accommodate up to 16 pax from a single group.

The minimum to book is Rumah Tebing which fits 8 pax. It has the common facilities-  kitchen, living and dining areas. We allow additional 1 adult or 2 kids (3-12 y/o) to stay at RM60/night. Any more than that, you may book the additional units nearby: two Pods (2 pax each) and Bilik TigaGuna (4 pax). These will only be let to guests in the same group, otherwise they will be left unoccupied.

Can we fit more people if we bring our own sleeping bags?

Sorry, no. The number of pax for each unit is non-negotiable. 


Can we book for 2 pax only?

Our place isn't suitable for only 2 pax as the minimum to book is Rumah Tebing which fits 8 pax. We accommodate family or friends group of 8-16 pax.


Can we bring alcohol?

No, we have a strict no-alcohol policy.


Can we have friends join us there, but not stay over?

Yes, up to 4 day-trippers can join you, but not stay the night. A charge of RM60 per additional guest is applicable. 


Can we picnic or BBQ at Tanah Larwina without staying the night?

Its possible, but minimum charge is one night’s stay at Rumah Tebing applies.

Can I buy a stay as a gift?

Yes, please ask us if you're interested in buying a gift voucher. 

Are we allowed to bring our pets?

Sorry, the accommodation area is an animal-free zone.

Is wifi available?

Yes! We'll give you the wifi password before check-in. 



What is provided?

At Tanah Larwina we provide the following:

  • A complimentary breakfast of nasi lemak bungkus (except during Raya and Ramadhan periods)

  • Bed linens and blankets

  • Bathing towels, shampoo and soap

  • BBQ pit with utensils and charcoal (at additional charge RM15)

  • Medium size fridge/ freezer

  • Gas stove- 3 nos

  • Microwave oven

  • Electric Oven

  • Small oven toaster

  • Toaster

  • Rice Cooker

  • Pots and pans

  • Dinnerware, mugs and cutlery

  • Basic cooking utensils

  • Hot & cold drinking water dispenser (Coway)

  • Coffee machine (percolator using ground coffee)

  • Hair dryer (upon request)


What you should bring:

  • Food (cooked or otherwise) and snacks

  • Tea/ Coffee

  • Cooking ingredients   

  • Personal toiletries

  • Bathing suits

  • Insect repellent 


What kind of cooking can we do?

While we don’t expect you to do a serious level of cooking, our kitchen and BBQ pit can handle most cooking activities.

We observe a strict Halal policy.  Alcohol is strictly NOT ALLOWED.

If you don’t feel like cooking, dining out is an option. Nearest to the grounds is Sri Nikat Ikan Bakar which serves basic fare but is well-known for its grilled tilapia.


What activities are there?

Here at Tanah Larwina, there is no TV and 3G is weak, but there is always something to do. On top of relaxing at our lodge you can:

  • Enjoy picnics by the stream

  • Dip in river pools 

  • Hang out by the campfire

  • Meet and feed the farm animals

  • Explore the farm and learn a thing or two about our trees

  • Swim in our 12m long saltwater pool


When is the fruit season? Can we pick fruits ourselves?

Our fruits normally ripen between July and August, among these are durian, rambutan, mangosteen, cempedak, langsat and dokong. Fruit-picking should be arranged with our caretaker to avoid damage to the fruits and their trees. 

Will there be insects?

As our accommodation is next to the river and jungle, insects are to be expected. Sandflies are common insects that lives at the sandy stream and its surrounding areas. Although bites from sandflies are harmless, it can be itchy. Certain people might experience allergic reaction to these sandfly bites and if you do, please consult your doctor or apply antihistamine cream. Those who experience allergic reaction to sandfly bites can be itching for up to a week. This can be avoided by applying insect repellent.




Can we have corporate meetings and functions at Tanah Larwina?

Other than Rumah Tebing, we have several picnic tables that can be used as outdoor meeting rooms. Bilik Tigaguna can be converted to a meeting room for 12. We have an excellent ground and open area suitable for games and team building exercises.


Can we throw a party?

As we are in a peaceful environment, we reserve only for small and intimate parties. Alcohol, loud music, noise and firecrackers are strictly not allowed. Glitters and confetti are also not allowed.  Drug taking and intoxication is definitely a No No.

Can we book the place for an event/wedding?

Unfortunately, we are no longer opening our space for weddings or other events. 


Do you allow personal photoshoots?

Yes. Our grounds and natural surroundings make for excellent photoshoot backdrops. We do not have surcharge for photoshoots if you are already paying for a night stay. If you wish to have a photoshoot without booking a night stay, our rates starts from RM850 for a 5 hour session on normal weekdays, and limited to 5 people including the photography crew. You are free to take photos anywhere within the 3 acre property, except the sleeping areas. 


Do you allow commercial filming/ photoshoots?

Yes. Please get in touch with us for more information



Is there anything we should be worried about?

Our ground is a private land and is safe. As we are bordered by streams on two sides, the incursion of wild animals is extremely rare. You may occasionally spot a couple of indigenous Orang Asli villagers or kids hunting for fish or frogs; they keep to themselves in general so there’s no cause for alarm or concern.


For security purposes, we have CCTV cameras outside the house. 

We advocate that you do not leave children unattended as they may accidentally injure themselves while playing both indoors and outdoors.


The lodge itself sits above the ground and well over the stream’s high water level, so in the event of heavy rain and the stream swelling rest assured everyone will be safe and dry.

Whilst we have taken all necessary measure to ensure safety standards are met, you are required to exercise your own discretion in assessing your or your dependent's ability to accept risk. Tanah Larwina will not be responsible for the Guest’s safety against events including but not limited to accidents, personal injury, death, acts or defaults caused by third parties, acts of God, flood, theft or even acts of negligence. By entering our premises and using any of the facilities, you shall be deemed to have agreed to abide by our terms and conditions.

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