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By entering our premises or booking a stay with Tanah Larwina Retreat PLT (Tanah Larwina), you agree to comply with the rules and acknowledge to have read all the terms and conditions and agree with them.  


Payment Policy

Full payment is required to confirm a reservation. A security deposit of RM300 is required for each booking. Late check-out is subject to availability with an additional charge of RM100/hour. Tanah Larwina reserves the right to retain the full security deposit should there be any litter on the environment or damaged/missing items on the Property. The security deposit will be refunded 3-5 working days after the check-out date if there are no outstanding payments, no litter on the environment and no damaged/ missing items on the Property. 


Cancelation Policy*

Cancelations made 7 days or more before the check-in date will incur a cancelation charge of RM400. Cancelations made less than 7 days to check-in date but more than 48 hours to check-in time are subjected to a cancelation charge of 50% of the total booking rate. Cancelations made 48 hours or less to check-in time and no-shows will be charged the entire booking amount. Any cancelation request shall to be made via WhatsApp (+60175997665) only by the individual who made the booking. 

*Cancelation policy applies to direct bookings only. 

Change of Date Policy

If change of date request is made 14 days or more to check-in date, guests can postpone their stay at no additional cost. If change of date request is made less than 14 days to check-in date, guests may postpone their stay at an additional fee of RM200. Change of date request less than 7 days before check-in date is not possible. Any request for change of date shall to be made via WhatsApp (+60175997665) by the individual who made the booking. The new date shall be no later than 6 months from original date, subject to availability. 

Limitation of Liability 

Whilst we have taken all necessary measures to ensure safety standards are met, you are required to exercise your own discretion in assessing your or your dependent's ability to accept risk. Tanah Larwina will not be responsible for the Guest’s safety against events including but not limited to personal injury, accidents, death, acts or defaults caused by third parties, acts of God, flood, or even acts of negligence. Guests are advised to keep children under close supervision at all times. 


Tanah Larwina will not be responsible for any damage, loss or theft of personal belongings of the Guests within the grounds of Tanah Larwina. Though there has not been any case of missing item so far, Guests are advised to keep any valuable belongings with them at all times or locked in their car.


In the event that Tanah Larwina’s contracted service is not able to commence due to fire, flood, natural disaster or any circumstances beyond our control, Tanah Larwina shall return all monies paid and holds no further liability.  

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